Christmas Plans for 17 yr old Girl

Kayli's Wallet
Kayli's Wallet
What do youAfter a late morning helping out a local drama company set up for their upcoming Christmas production, teens Kayli Hoff-Shine of Townsend MA and Etta Popek of Mason NH, stopped in at the Milford McDonald's on Sunday the 8th for a noon snack. Plans for the rest of the day were discussed and they rushed out the door not realizing that Kayli, 17, had left her wallet behind. In it was $353, her entire savings for Christmas...Kayli works as a nanny for a 4 yr old boy and had managed to save the money up for Christmas plans to visit relatives out of state. Immediately Kayli called the McDonalds and spoke to the Manager who told her that they had the wallet locked up in the safe. To say that Kayli and Etta were relived is an understatement! They headed back to the Milford  McDonalds, located on 101A, and picked up Kayli's floral multi- colored wallet. Panic set in when the girls realized that all of Kayli's money was gone. Upon returning home Kayli's father, Dan Shine, contacted the Management at McDonalds to ask if they had any information on who turned it in or surveillance. Management was not able to help so the Milford Police Department was called. Office Dowd took on the case when Kayli and her father went to file a report. At this time Surveillance tapes have been requested but not provided.
Kayli works really hard for her money and due to life circumstances, without it she has no way to get to her out of state relatives this Christmas season.
Please if you have any information about this theft please contact the Milford Police Department at 603-249-0630. want to share?


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