Fisher-Price Classics: Is Your Favorite Childhood Toy Back?

Some of your favorites are finding new life, share your memories.

The Fisher-Price Classics Record Player is one of several toys of yore back on the market this holiday season. Credit: Liz Taurasi
The Fisher-Price Classics Record Player is one of several toys of yore back on the market this holiday season. Credit: Liz Taurasi
By Liz Taurasi

Everyone had their favorite childhood toy, and while for some they carried on year after year, for many they have become “retro” and very hard to find.

Some haven’t come back yet like the Fisher-Price castle. Remember this one?

And while many toys from childhoods of old have been around for decades - the Big Wheel is another good example or the Sit and Spin, some of the toys from childhood are back on the market and it’s like time stopped - they look exactly as they did some 30 to 40 years ago.

Many parents will be flashing back to their childhood with these gifts under the tree for their children this year.

And with that I bring you a handful of Fisher-Price Classics - Classic toys of yore available for children of today (and most also come in their classic packaging):

  • Fisher-Price Classics Record Player - if you had one of these as a child the memories are sure to come flooding back. First introduced in 1971, I found this a couple weeks back in a catalog in my mailbox. There it was - the exact replica of the one my mother said I carried around everywhere I went for a year. My mom picked it up for my son for Christmas the other day and couldn’t believe it was literally identical to the one she couldn’t rip out from my grip when I was a child.
  • Fisher-Price Classics Two Tune Music Box TV - Remember your first television set? It may have looked something like this. Originally introduced in 1966, it plays “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “London Bridge is Falling Down” while scrolling pictures across the screen.
  • Fisher-Price Classics Milk Wagon -  This classic truck was first introduced in 1965 and chimes when you pull it and the driver looks side to side as he’s moving along transporting six colored milk bottles.
  • Fisher-Price Classics Changeable Disk Camera - Originally introduced in 1968, this camera is back and includes three interchangeable picture disks for aspiring photographers and don’t forget the rotating flash cube!
  • Fisher-Price Classics Music Box Teaching Clock - Back from 1968, the clock in the shape of a little red schoolhouse plays “Grandfather’s Clock” complete with rottging dial and moving pictures hour by hour.  
Did you have one of these favorites? Share your memories in our comments section below.


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