<p>With immigration reform at the front of the legislative
agenda I wish to promote the idea that immigrants can be useful citizens of the
USA. As an
immigrant myself my story might help others form a positive view of immigration
reform. </p>

<p>I was transferred to the US
by a British company on an L1 visa in 1976 to start a US
subsidiary of that company in Maryland.
I sold the company back after a 5 year period at a predetermined formula. This
company, Oxford Instruments Inc. was very successful and with the proceeds I
co-founded a new company with a biophysics professor at the <span>University
of Pennsylvania</span>. </p>

<p>I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to come to the USA
and while I had the education and 'start up' funds from the UK
that helped me succeed in my business ventures many potential immigrants are
presently denied that opportunity.</p>

<p>For example when I first obtained&nbsp; green card in 1979 it took 18 months to
process. When I applied for citizenship in 1992 it took 6 months to process. I
have a friend with a PhD in Physics who has been waiting for ten years and he
still does not have a green card.</p>

<p><span>I am pleased
that comprehensive immigration reform has passed the Senate and I urge the
House of Representatives to come together and push this issue forward as it is
a vital part of a successful American economy.</span></p><p><span>Roger Wheatley</span></p><p><span>Amherst</span></p>


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