Recently an email forwarded to me about some insightful quotes by the late Andrew Breitbart, a conservative commentator from the Washington Times, reminded me of the wisdom of Mr. Robert Welch who preceded Breitbart by about a half-a-century with his exposure of this same revolutionary malignant Marxist seed that Breitbart commented on. Breitbart observed that the Frankfurt School, led by several key advocators of their strategy, Prof. Herbert  Marcuse and community organizer Saul Alinsky: “... came stealthily to our shores, squatted here, planted roots and grew like a weed all before we even noticed it.....". In the 1940's and 1950's, Welch was exposing this evil agenda. Unfortunately, throughout history, the bearers of bad news have been targets for smear campaigns. So, laboring open handily, advocating that "means are as important as ends", as opposed to those who advocate the Marxist line, "that the ends justify the means", makes many enemies in high places who feed on "more and more government."

Mr. Robert Welch, probably the most brilliant mind of the 20th century, achieving intellectual wisdom in many other disciplines, was probably the foremost expert in both world history and American history. Being home schooled he was not handicapped by government schools and Common Core programs. In studying all previous civilizations he observed that with very few exceptions, as, Statesman Edmond Burke said: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing."Ben Franklin said: "We must all hang together or we will hang separately." Such are consequences of doing nothing. Good folks too often throughout history have failed to organize, and those who did were too late in their efforts.

The main exception was the organization of the early Christian Church that miraculously became the ultimate conqueror of the Roman Empire with the blood of martyrs who demonstrated their "revolution of love" to oppose tyranny. And this ultimately down through the centuries fueled the American War for Independence. Other than these exceptions ‘the evil agendas of those who lust for power’ have been far superior. This is mainly true because ‘good hard working’ individualists tend to mind their own business by their very nature and make very little time for organizing against the common deceptions of their day that surreptitiously promotes total power in government.

Robert Welch not only ‘noticed’ this internal attack on the foundation of our liberty; the birthing documents, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by revolutionary Marxists, including many in high places in our government. He devised a brilliant plan of action to remedy and ultimately purge this Marxist disease that feeds on greed from our nation. This defense of Americanism was a counterrevolutionary opposition, and was officially put into action on December, 13th, 1958 with a specific purpose to promote the wisdom of our founding heritage expressed by Jefferson: "He who governs best, governs least”, educating the electorate in the principles of Americanism. The rallying cry was : "Less government, more responsibility and with God's help a better world."

This was and is and always will be the wisest choice at the ballot box in either evaluating political issues and/or political candidates. Welch drew a circle of common values that all Americans of all differing moral persuasions could step inside of, while retaining their religious conviction: but all working in concert for the common purpose of Americanism. If there be any evidence that there is an exception to Solomon's wisdom "That there is nothing new under the sun", the creation of the John Birch Society is it. For throughout history, evil men have lusted and climbed to power with no opposition to fulfill hungry men who have expressed unlimited evil in their quest to promote themselves into power.

But let not the reader think that I am implying that all the great organizations on the side of God, family and country today, have not played key roles in their effort opposing abusive powers from Washington. Just to name a few, The Tea Party's, 9-12 groups, The Campaign 4Liberty, all the Right to Life groups, Right to Bear Arms groups, and in our state, Cornerstone Policy Research, to name a few. Many of them are single-issue efforts. But every one of the "educational efforts" has a common hidden enemy that doesn't get enough true exposure. Let us just go back to the starting point of many of today’s problems. Very few in the post WWII era exposed the United Nations for what it really was - a move to destroy all nations. The problems in our /America last foreign policy’ all way from ‘no win undeclared wars’, to Free Trade job stealing agreements such as NAFTA, and Agenda 21, move to destroy private property, Obamacare,  Common Core, the World Bank and the IMF. Everyone has its roots in the United Nations. This is easy to see for serious students today. However, The John Birch Society initiated its ‘Get Us Out of the United Nations’ campaign in the early 1960’s.

In those days, during WWII time and into the 50's, as now, millions of American's were driven by their passion for literally hundreds of worthy causes to oppose these forces working within our government on the inside and on the outside. This problem still exists, the only difference is, these causes have multiplied into the thousands of worthy patriotic organizations opposing the abusive power of government.  But the good folks were not coordinated then and there was no overall organization to oppose the evils infecting our nation with a slow death. Today, we still suffer the same handicap of division. During that time as now, such powerful enemies of liberty were without major opposition. 

‘Good folks’ were deterred by the same lack of coordination and guidance, divided in our strategies. This handicap still exists: we are jumping on different horses and riding off in hundreds of different directions, sapping our power to oppose, essentially spinning wheels. This denies our potential, the ‘Christian right’, to build a force that would be impossible to defeat.  Our founders in a short time came together to defeat the greatest military power of that time. It was with these thoughts that Welch sought to remedy our national decline which was following all previous civilizations into the scrap heap of history. The enemies of civilized order, ‘collectivism and atheism’ require ‘good men’ to be divided. They have never been confronted by such a formidable enemy as the brilliant strategy of The John Birch Society.

As a young man I was introduced to many of the great writings of Robert Welch. I suggest those who desire to follow the trail of truth to study his wisdom. First, read his compilation of speeches and essays during the 1950's through the 1970's in a book called, The New Americanism.  Read his revealing story about a true American hero, called  The Life Of John Birch. The story of the fall of China, Again May God Forgive Us. Finally, his assessment of our perilous world in 1958, The Bluebook of the John Birch Society. Request these books from your local library. There's a good chance, they have been purged. If so, Follow the ‘trail of truth’: go to freedoms address: jbs.org and or thenewamerican.com

Sincerely & Respectfully

 Rus Payne


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