VIDEO: NH's Only Ultra

Runners really go the distance in the 2012 Ghost Train Rail Trail Race in Milford.

Runners from 23 states and Canada are participating in the fourth annual Ghost Train Rail Trail Race in Milford this weekend. It was the second year for the "Ultra" long-distance runners, says Steven Latour, the race director and an Ultra participant himself.

Ultra runners took their first step Saturday morning. They will make their last sometime Sunday, Oct. 28. There is a 30-hour limit. In the Ultra, runners can choose distances in any multiple of 15 miles: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 or 100.

A 15-mile component of the weekend was held Sunday. It benefits the Milford and Brookline conservation commissions.

The Granite Town rail trail, in the spirit of the race, was marked with ghosts and Halloween items. They served to as directionals, too, with LED lights in pumpkins to show runners the course in the dark.

Milford Patch caught up with Latour before the race. Asked what kind of questions people put to him when they learn about the Ultra, Latour says, "They just kind of stare at you–they think you're putting them on."

WATCH the Patch video here to get a sense of this race–and the camaraderie of the participants. And, yes, that long-distance runner early in the video does click his heels together as he jumps in the air.


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